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Roger Shehata
Business Coach / Mentor


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Roger Shehata has been involved in business all his life and has been very successful in whatever business he got involved in, UNTIL the year 2000 when he had the 3rd Largest Wholesaler in Australia. Due to the US$ taking a dive, he lost absolutely everything and walked out with a
 $1 million dollar debt.

Being Self Employed all his life, he couldn't find a job and decided to look for a business opportunity again, but did not want the headaches of a traditional business.

That's when he came across a Turnkey Business Opportunity that was easily duplicated and not has he only grown this business but taught thousands around the world to achieve the same. Today he has a lifestyle that most people dream about, travelling the world, properties, prestigious cars, all the nice materialistic things, but MOST importantly he has the TIME FREEDOM to do what he wants, when he wants to.

He is a family man with loving wife and business partner Ally and father of twins Chanel and Ethan.
**Income results may vary and depend on time and effort and willingness to learn how to be successful with our company.

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